Need Your Own Channel For Your Clan Please Sign Up Here!
By eliasmcdt
Myself and my friends use your Team speak server for games, mostly Civ 5, and we would like a chat room made for us for Civ 5 or an over all Civ 5 chat room, Thank You!

nvm we got banned for harassment, still a great ts too bad my friends were idiots and got banned, aswell as dragged me into it
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By LlamaLord
I can let you guys back in but please just make sure you don't spam again. We want to make sure that is not happening at all as people are trying to Game and Communicate within games and need to hear what is going on.

Please post here to let me know you have seen this post and i will un-ban you guys.

Also make sure your friends also sign up to get normal status or they will only be able to play in the first 5 channels.

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