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By Jpmisme1998
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Hello y'all I often host a game mode in Arma 3 called escape, I typically run it with some mods. I am going to post the mods most commonly used here so every one can download the mods from the work shop.

Now lets get on to the premise of the game mode. You start off in a prison made of Hesco barricades and a metal gate. Any where between 3-4 guards will spawn out side, your goal is to escape the prison, then the island. Rebel forces managed to plant a back pack with weapons in it (typically 2-3 pistols or PDWs). You must use the weapons to kill the guards take their weapons. Then you move on and get in skirmishes with local forces, and take their gear getting better and better gear. Once you find a map you can start looking for the Objectives located around the map. These can be ammo dumps, mortar sites, and radio towers. The radio tower is the one you want. You need to hack the radio terminal at the radio tower in order to call the evac.

The mods needed will be listed below with links to their steam workshop.

CUP Terrains - Core

CUP Terrains - Maps

CUP Terrains - CWA

CUP Weapons

CUP Units

CUP Vehicles


Enhanced Movement

Copy and paste the links in to a steam message to open the work shop directly in the steam app.
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