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By Switz
I am "purging" the official DOW Clan and Realism Units list again. The changes will go into affect on 2/15/2017.

PLEASE help me out by not responding here if you are still active in Days of War or not, but over at on the DOW forums at: https://forums.playdaysofwar.com/forum/ ... -2-15-2017

If you do respond here, I will not be back through on 2/14/2017 to check. There are currently 75 groups I am reaching out to.


What is a "Purge"?

If this is your first time seeing something like this, I go through every few months to update the DOW Clan and Realism Unit (and sometimes the Scrim Team) lists to weed out those no longer active or participating in Days of War. What good is a list if it is full of groups no longer active right?

All you need to do (if you are still in Days of War) is head to the link provided and make a reply and state your groups name and that you are still active. Simple!

If there is no response on the link provided, I will be back to check this post on 2/14/2017. If no reply that your group is still active you will be removed from the list.
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