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By LlamaLord
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Guys i would love to keep this forum going for us but i need to see who still visits and checks this out please comment below and let me know!
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By john.burgess
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I have noticed that in teamspeak a lot of members come and go. No one stays consistent unless LLAMA is on. I look at my steam friend list and Uplay list and members are playing but they are not logged in at our teamspeak. I don't know what the answer is.

Folks are going to play where they feel welcomed. I feel welcomed here, but why others don't I don't Know. Some folks like Discord others do not.

All I ask is that if your playing in another teamspeak or discord don't pop into ours and take people to the one your playing on. It is a little rude and annoying.

If you pop into our channel and ask someone we are playing with to come and join you that is rude. You are saying "f" these guys come play with us. Send them an instant message if he or she wants to join you they will respond.

If you quit the game we are playing and I see you in game with others. I make a mental note of that that your not a loyal player. If you finish the game with me. Then say hey I am going to go play with Joe Smuck, I have no problem with that.

People are not stupid! Maybe bad players but not Stupid.
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